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When those expectations aren’t met, the evening could end awkwardly.

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But if he offers to pay nowadays, it’s not because he thinks she can’t handle it; and he’s not trying to offend.

He’s most likely just doing what feels instinctively appropriate in the moment.

Yes, even still in 2014—a time in which, as I myself have written, women often outearn men.

But the fact of the matter is that men typically to pay: In a poll last year conducted by Learn Vest and T. Ameritrade, 55% of men said they thought the guy should take the check.

And when researchers at Chapman University recently surveyed more than 17,000 people on the topic of first-date finances, they found that 39% of women who offered to pay said they secretly hoped the men would not let them.

Meanwhile, 44% of women said they were annoyed when expected to help pay the bill. It’s just a first date dance move that—more often than not—leaves each person happy and satisfied.Remember that you can—and should—reciprocate (assuming there’s a next time).Let him pay for the first date and then offer to treat him the very next time you go out.“Even a guy who doesn’t make much money if he really likes you will try to impress you to the utmost that he can,” says Battista As for women?“In my experience, 90% will be offended if a guy doesn’t offer to pay,” says Battista.As Mendez explains, many men feel fulfilled and accomplished when they see an opportunity to provide, even if it’s in simple ways like paying for a drink.

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