Argus c3 dating

It is a precision made camera which incorporates a rapid film advance feature and extended picture taking capacity.

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The camera body is manufactured from die-cast alloy with a satin chrome finish and covered in black grain leather. The camera body incorporates a removable back, which allows easy access to the film chamber.

The top plate carries the shutter release, external frame counter, rewind key, accessory shoe and the viewfinder. The standard lens for the Tenax II is either a f2.8 4 cm Tessar or a f/2 4cm Sonnar.

Its body is more stout than the C3, which I find more pleasing to the eye. The method used to change lenses has been refined, so you are no longer left struggling with unscrewing the cog wheels.

Instead the C33 has a handy flip lock to change lenses.

The new Argus Quick Clix 5340 is a sharp-looking digital camera in a brushed metal case, with superb optics and a sensor that is capable of resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels--providing sharp printed images up to 8 X 10 inches.

We think people will appreciate the handling and precision of this camera, and I think they will absolutely love the 2.0 " TFT preview screen. With the new Argus Quick Clix 5340, amateur photographers can enjoy the professional photo features and ultra-high-resolution of higher-priced digital cameras, combined with the ease-of-use, security and fun that made Argus famous!

Argus Cameras of Chicago, Illinois is currently expanding its line of consumer-friendly digital cameras.

Argus is currently scheduled to launch a 5MP digital camera at less than 0 early this month and is planning to increase its range of sub digital cameras, all under its "more quality for less" marketing mantra.

This Year for Argus day I borrowed a friend’s Argus C33, instead of my own Argus C3.

The photos below make it perfectly clear that both cameras, when compared to other cameras of their era, are very unique in function and design.

They also did away with having to ‘unlock’ the film to advance to the next frame.

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