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Adfin X Functions in Adx Commodity Module ito find out more about these functions, consult the Adfin Library online help.You may be prompted to sign in with your Eikon user ID and password.

Adfin X Analytics 2.0 Function Library 12 Modes Keyword DIALOGBOX EXCEPTION NO_EXCEPTION In this mode a dialog box is displayed when an error occurs an exception is thrown when an error occurs the user must call the property Error Code to know the error encountered Syntax Error Mode() As Adx Error Mode VBA sample Example Dim cd as Adx Conv Bond Module Set cd = New Adx Conv Bond Module cd.errormode = NO_EXCEPTION Explanation Declares an object of the type Adx Conv Bond Module Creates an Adx Conv Bond Module object cd.errormode is set to NO_EXCEPTION None Default value By default the error mode is set to EXCEPTION.

Error String Property The Error String property of Adx Conv Bond Module stores the last error code generated by the object.

Version published on March 09, Updates in this version: "RHistory API " on page 155 i Contents VBA PROGRAMMING IN THOMSON REUTERS EIKON EXCEL 1 WORKING WITH PUBLIC APIS 3 THOMSON REUTERS API USAGE IN VBA 4 ADFINX ANALYTICS 2.0 FUNCTION LIBRARY 5 ADXBONDMODULE 6 ADXCOMMODITYMODULE 9 ADXCONVBONDMODULE 12 ADXCREDITMODULE 15 ADXDATEMODULE 18 ADXEQUITYMODULE 21 ADXEXOTICMODULE 22 ADXFOREXMODULE 25 ADXMODULE 28 ADXOPTIONMODULE 34 ADXSCHEDULEMODULE 38 ADXSWAPMODULE 41 ADXUTILITYMODULE 44 ADXYIELDCURVEMODULE 47 ADXERRORMODE 50 ADFINX 6.0 REAL-TIME LIBRARY 51 ADFINX REAL-TIME LIBRARY OVERVIEW 52 ADXRTLIST 57 Adx Rt List Properties Adx Rt List Methods Adx Rt List Events Adx Rt List IList Events Interface ADXRTCONTRIBUTE 82 Adx Rt Contribute Properties Adx Rt Contribute Methods ADXRTCHAIN 86 Adx Rt Chain Properties ii ADXRTHISTORY 92 Adx Rt History Properties Adx Rt History Methods Adx Rt History Events ADXRTSOURCELIST 98 Adx Rt Source List Methods ADXRTXLIB PARAMETERS AND CONSTANTS 102 RT_Item Status RT_Field Status RT_Source Status RT_List Status RT_Item Row View RT_Field Row View RT_Item Column View RT_Field Column View RT_Run Mode RT_Data Status RT_Run Status RT_Debug Level Adx Error Mode Adx Attr Rt List Adx Attr Rt Contribute Adx Attr Rt Chain Adx Attr Rt History RT_Field Type DEX 2 LIBRARY (DATA ENGINE LIBRARY) 109 DEX2 OVERVIEW 110 WORKING WITH DEX2 112 Instantiating DEX2 Components Using the RData Object to Get Data Working in Local Mode DEX2MGR OBJECT 121 Create RData Create RData Mgr Finalize Dex2Mgr Get Error String Dex2Mgr Initialize iii Dex2Mgr Set Error Handling RDATA OBJECT 128 RData Cancel Request RData Data RData Display Param RData Field List RData Instrument IDList RData On Update RData Refresh RData Request Param RData Run Status RData Set Parameter RData Subscribe RDATAMGR OBJECT 142 RData Mgr Overview RData Mgr Refresh Cache ENUMERATION 143 DEX2_Data Status DEX2_Error Handling DEX2_Run Status DEX2_Log Severity USING RSEARCH COM API 145 ABOUT RSEARCH COM API 146 SETTING UP RSEARCH COM API IN VBA 147 CREATING AND RELEASING RSEARCH MANAGER 150 CREATING A QUERY 151 HANDLING A QUERY EVENT 152 TESTING THE SAMPLE CODE 153 WORKING IN LOCAL MODE 154 RHISTORY API 155 QUICK START 155 BASIC VBA SAMPLE 158 RHISTORYMANAGER CLASS REFERENCE 160 General description RHistory Manager methods RHISTORYQUERY CLASS REFERENCE 161 General description iv RHistory Query properties RHistory Query methods RHISTORYQUERY EVENTS 162 General description Public member functions ADFINX ANALYTICS 3.0 OBJECT LIBRARY 163 INTRODUCTION 164 ADFINX ANALYTICS INTERFACES 167 IAdx Object Interface IAdx Init IAdx Instrument Interface IAdx Calc Method Interface IAdx Model Interface IAdx Model Builder Interface IAdx Algorithm Interface IAdx Asian Interface IAdx Asset Interface IAdx Asset Swap Interface IAdx Barrier Cap Floor Interface IAdx Basket Interface IAdx Bond Interface IAdx Calendar Interface IAdx Cap Floor Interface IAdx Cash Flow Interface IAdx CDOTranche IAdx Chooser Interface IAdx Conv Bond Interface IAdx Correlation Interface IAdx Cross Currency Interface IAdx Currency Interface IAdx Default Interface IAdx Digital Cap Floor Interface IAdx Dividend Model Interface IAdx Fixed Leg Interface IAdx Float Leg Interface IAdx Forex Interface IAdx Fra Interface v IAdx Frn Interface IAdx Frq Interface IAdx Future Interface IAdx Fx Model Interface IAdx Idx Style Interface IAdx Ilb Interface IAdx Leg Interface IAdx Libor Interface IAdx Map Libor Interface IAdx NTo Default CDS IAdx Op Binary Interface IAdx Op Look Back Interface IAdx Option Interface IAdx Parse Interface IAdx Rainbow Interface IAdx Repo Interface IAdx Rate Model Interface IAdx Risk Model Interface IAdx Schedule IAdx Style Interface IAdx Style Table Interface IAdx Swap Interface IAdx Term Structure Interface IAdx Time Series Interface IAdx Volatility Model Interface ADFINX ANALYTICS OBJECTS UTILITIES 225 Adx Calendar Adx Idx Style Adx Style Adx Style Table ADFINX ANALYTICS OBJECTS 228 Adfin X Analytics Object Overview Adx Algorithm Adx Asian Adx Asset Adx Asset Swap Adx Barrier Cap Floor vi Adx Basket Adx Bond Adx Calc Method Adx Cap Floor Adx Cash Flow Adx CDOTranche Adx Chooser Adx Conv Bond Adx Correlation Adx Cross Currency Adx Currency Adx Default Adx Digital Cap Floor Adx Dividend Model Adx Fixed Leg Adx Float Leg Adx Forex Adx Fra Adx Frn Adx Frq Adx Future Adx Fx Model Adx Ilb Adx Init Adx Libor Adx Map Libor Adx Model Builder Adx NTo Default CDS Adx Op Binary Adx Op Look Back Adx Option Adx Parse Adx Rainbow Adx Rate Model Adx Repo Adx Risk Model Adx Schedule vii Adx Swap Adx Term Structure Adx Time Series Adx Volatility Model ADFINX ANALYTICS PARAMETERS AND CONSTANTS 295 Adfin X Analytics Enumerated Type Overview Adx Attr Asian Adx Attr Asset Adx Attr Asset Swap Adx Attr Barrier Cap Floor Adx Attr Basket Adx Attr Bond Adx Attr Calc Method Adx Attr Cap Floor Adx Attr Cash Flow Adx Attr CDOTranche Adx Attr Chooser Adx Attr Conv Bond Adx Attr Correlation Adx Attr Cross Currency Adx Attr Currency Adx Attr Digital Cap Floor Adx Attr Dividend Model Adx Attr Finite Diff Adx Attr Fixed Leg Adx Attr Float Leg Adx Attr Forex Adx Attr Formula Adx Attr Fra Adx Attr Frn Adx Attr Future Adx Attr Fx Formula Adx Attr Fx Model Adx Attr Idx Adx Attr Ilb Adx Attr Instrument Adx Attr Leg viii Adx Attr MC Adx Attr NTo Default CDS Adx Attr Op Binary Adx Attr Op Look Back Adx Attr Option Adx Attr Parse Adx Attr Rainbow Adx Attr Rate Model Adx Attr Repo Adx Attr Risk Model Adx Attr Schedule Adx Attr Swap Adx Attr Term Structure Adx Attr Time Series Adx Attr Tree Adx Attr Volatility Model Adx Accrued Calculation Adx Accrued Limit Adx Acc Type Adx Algorithm Interp Adx Algorithm Yes No Adx AODMT Adx Approx Type Adx Asian Type Adx Asset Type Adx Average Type Adx Binary Type Adx BSModel Type Adx Bs Vol Adx Calibration Type Adx Call Put Type Adx Cap Floor Type Adx CDOType Adx CLDRADJ Adx Coupon Calculation Method Adx Date Moving Convention Adx Days Offset ix Adx Dcb Type Adx DCP Adx Dilution Flag Adx Dividend Cst Growth Type Adx Dividend Type Adx Div User Defined Adx End Of Month Convention Adx Error Mode Adx Exercise Mode Adx Exercise Strategy Adx Frequency Adx Frequency Type Adx From Adx FTType Adx Future Reference Rule Adx IC Adx ICF Adx ICM Adx Index Date Adx Instrument Type Adx Intercept Yes No Adx IOType Adx Irs Pvbp Method Adx Lay Out Adx Leg Attr Adx Look Back Type Adx Normal Type Adx Origin Period Adx Payment Adx PEX Adx Px Type Adx Quotation Mode Adx Rate Model Type Adx Rate Of Return Adx Rate Type Adx Reference Date Adx Reset x VBA Programming in Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel You can use VBA to customize the application environment to your business needs.

To start using VBA in Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel, you must perform the additional setup steps described below. DLL Note If they do not appear by default, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\thomson Reuters\Eikon\X\Bin\ And use the following folder for DEX2: C:\Program Files (x86)\thomson Reuters\Eikon\X\Bin\Apps\TR. CORE\ \Bin\ VBA Programming in Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel 2 Working with Public APIs Introduction Public APIs allow you to access the data and functionality of Thomson Reuters Eikon from customized applications. To use them in Thomson Reuters Eikon, you must activate the optional Thomson Reuters Eikon Public API. Public APIs in Thomson Reuters Eikon Public APIs available in Thomson Reuters Eikon include: "Adfin X Analytics 2.0 Function Library" on page 5 "Adfin X Analytics 3.0 Object Library" on page 163 "Adfin X 6.0 Real-Time Library" on page 51 "DEX 2 Library (Data Engine Library)" on page 109 "Using RSearch COM API" on page 145 API Migration You can refer to these topics for more information on Public API migration: API Migration Using Adfin X-Analytics in Thomson Reuters Eikon Using Adfin X-Realtime in Thomson Reuters Eikon API Comparison Between Reuters 3000 Xtra and Thomson Reuters Eikon Working with Public APIs 3 Thomson Reuters API Usage in VBA "Adfin X Analytics 2.0 Function Library" on page 5 "Adfin X Analytics 3.0 Object Library" on page 163 "Adfin X 6.0 Real-Time Library" on page 51 "DEX 2 Library (Data Engine Library)" on page 109 "Using RSearch COM API" on page 145 Thomson Reuters API Usage in VBA 4 Adfin X Analytics 2.0 Function Library The Adfin X Analytics Function Library allows you to access Adfin function APIs. 3 Locate the file under the Bin folder of Thomson Reuters Eikon iby default, the folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\thomson Reuters\Eikon\X\Bin\ 4 Click Open.

Syntax Error String() As String VBA sample Example Dim bd as Adx Bond Module Set bd = New Adx Bond Module bd.errormode = EXCEPTION Explanation Declares an object of variable the type Adx Bond Module Creates an Adx Bond Module object bd.errormode must be set to EXCEPTION to use the Error String On Error Go To Handle Error handler executes code after Handle when an error occurs RES = bd.bdsettle ("24-JAN-00", "GLT") Exit Sub Handle Msg Box (bd.errorstring) The style GLT does not exist.

The function Bd Settle returns an error Exits sub or function before the handle or code is executed Displays the Error String in a message box.

Ad Conv Bd Deriv Ad Conv Calc Cpn Ad Conv Cash Flows Ad Conv Implied Vol Ad Conv Op Deriv Ad Conv Price Ad Conv Ratios Ad Conv Spread Ad Conv Yield Error Code Property The Error Code property of Adx Conv Bond Module stores the last error code generated by the object.

Syntax Error Code() As Long VBA sample Example Dim cd as Adx Conv Bond Module Set cd = New Adx Conv Bond Module If cd.errorcode 0 Then Msg Box (cd.errorcode) End If Explanation Declares an object of the type Adx Conv Bond Module Creates an Adx Conv Bond Module object cd.errorcode contains an error Displays the error code in a message box None Error Mode Property The Error Mode property of Adx Conv Bond Module sets the error mode.

Adce Calc Calendar Strips Adce Calc Contract Strips Adce Calc Outrights Adce Forward Term Structure Error Code Property The Error Code property of Adx Bond Module stores the last error code generated by the object.

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