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He said the time he spent with Kim K was nothing more than just “having fun and hanging out.”From there, Bow Wow explained that during the time he spent with Kim, he noted that she was already prepping her hustle for her brand.

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Bow Wow linked up with Kim Kardashian before she was famous.

Bow Wow, formerly Lil' Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, said in an interview this week that he previously dated the reality TV star, but kept things quiet because he had never dated outside of his race before. The reason nobody knew is because of how I move," he said.

The woman of interest here is named Joie Chavis and she is a model with a pretty sizable social media following. Over the past few weeks, rumors have been swirling around regarding Future and Chavis's relationship but a video of Joie and Future on her birthday where Hendrix gifted his new chick with a Rolex made its way online which prompted a pretty shady tweet from Bow Wow.

"Had your girl in the islands "and you aint een know it" but she kissing you with the same mouth...

They are expecting their third child via surrogate in January.

Did you know that Bow Wow and Kim Kardashian used to “date”?Though emcees in his position might be best known for playing the field as it were, the fact that this relationship with Chavis has been going on for several months now only strengthens the notion that he's not looking elsewhere for love.Neither he nor his new flame have commented publicly on their relationship, but with this new evidence up on social media, such a confession might not be far away.I build custom “one-offs” as much as possible ,using Traditional materials (Wood) and traditional methods but not sticking to any “one” building/design style. Then I slide up the door to the shop and they instantly say “wow”-nice oh you used bow ties!!! BUT this person just said -“That is what I do too!! Then he said you are putting bow ties”DON’T YOU THINK THOSE HAVE BEEN OVER DONE?” He had( just explaining that he was a bit green to solid wood construction) so I explained the origins “as I know them” and will to you as i said up there 🙂 First- it was “show and tell time” so of course it was his turn to show me some of his work mostly Very well done tiling in bathrooms and kitchen and I spot a cabinet he said he made from “Andy’s” wood with drawer open and (plywood draw sides) But Dovetailed -back to inside my head ???In the latest report from the celebrity dating rumor mill, Future has struck up a relationship with Bow Wow's baby mama.

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