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Whoever raises his/her hand and recites the oath to become the next president will face some of the most critical challenges ever faced by any president.That person will have to have the ability to work towards building concensus, and building bridges.Exploring the ins-and-outs of the Secretary of State’s typically private life, Kessler dug up some interesting dirt, including the fact that Rice’s greatest guy friend’s a gay.

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I will only vote for someone who will be strong on the issue(i.e.

going more along the stance that the house of representatives took, as opposed to the one the senate took). Rice That's like asking who would win the Olympic bobsled gold..Jamacians or the Nigerians?

I might not allways agree with points you make but for the sake of fair debate I'll think about what you have to say and how it applies or differs from my own beliefs. I see a bright future ahead, once the current cancer in the White House is surgically removed. Condi is far more intelligent then Hillary and her extensive international experience gives her a decided edge. She has a better grasp of the issues and her speeches are more concise and convincing. And as far as Rices international experience...doesn't mean much, when most of the countries she has visited could care less.

Hillary can't even articulate her thoughts unless she's reading from a teleprompter or from a handwritten speech written by one of her aides. Hilary and Condoleeza(and Mc Cain) would be very weak on the illegal immigration issue, so none of them will get my vote.

However there has to be some allowance for differences of opinion which is what the freedom of speech is all about and theres really nothing funny about that at all. I mean, you say you "see" the points, but if you really did, your mind would be changed already, as I had spent PARAGRAPHS of logic on you before, only to have you come back with more opinions in the SAME direction as before.

I get you completely, but man, you don't even try to see our points. Opinions are fine, but without showing much more logic, they are basically pointless. If somebody is wrong, a paragraph to break down the logic shouldn't be hard. You might "ponder" them for a second, you might "see" the point, but really you don't.i'm beginning to see how people like Prince George can fix elections and why the American People let this happen to them like a bunch of sheep being lead to the still think there is a choice between the two!

Debating is not to show/tell people you're right, they're to find out exactly what is. Hillary Walmart Clinton or Condoleeza Oiltanker Ricethat's a choice? If you think she has a chance you better get to convincing her from now, lol Please do so, I need the entertainment Rice verses Hillary??? I will write her and encourage her to run, As a matter of fact i think I will write her today for just that reason!! And go ahead to make personal attacks on the woman, you'll have 10 years after the the upcoming elections to talk about her everyday, but I dont think she'll loose any sleep over you, lolblacksheep: you'll have 10 years after the the upcoming elections to talk about her everyday, but I dont think she'll loose any sleep over you, lol I believe you will be the one losing sleep.

I've directed so much energy to you, but you are very stuck in your perspective, I see this now, and was just trying to save others THEIR energy. Took FOREVER for me to get you to even vaguely see any point other than the repub platforms. 1o years is a long time to realise your candidate(Hillary) got her ass kicked.

Sadly, I agree that the chances of a non-white, or female, being elected as president in my lifetime are almost nil.

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