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If in the end someone is asked to sacrifice, they will probably feel better about doing so if there has been an effort to take their input into account.

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Some dread spending time with a noxious family member; some have troubling memories of past gatherings.

And some are bothered by the misunderstandings, power plays, and prompts to guilt that accompany efforts to arrange holiday schedules.

Compromises only occur if the parties to a discussion are open to alternatives and willing to stray beyond their initial ideas of what should happen.

Make sure you're not the one who is resistant to working toward a solution.

It's much easier to change plans when they are still fluid than after an invitation has been accepted.

Run through in your mind all who need to know about the plans, and contact each of them.

What sort of celebration will it be if half those present are angry about the means used to get them there?

Many of the harshest disagreements are over someone's insistence that the family do things the same way as in the past, despite the problems that doing so would present.

I get annoyed when he make plans with friends on a day he has off because that's time I'm losing with him (I know, I have to work on this one). He is only an hour and fifteen minutes outside of New York so it's not far enough to be considered long-distance but it's not close enough that I see him as often as I'd like. Eventually, likely later this year, we'll move in together. So we'll at least be sleeping in the same bed at night but could still go days without being awake together at the same time.

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