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Not every great conversationalist can write a killer profile. The women sitting in those cozy conversations seemed to have already picked out their guys and sunk their hooks into them. All the women I spoke to that night weren’t stereotypical crabby competitors.

I mean, I give good text, but this levels out the playing field, right? I could actually see my fellow females' smiles soften as we realized talking to each other was a breather from the hunt in the urban jungle.

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Dating dlub

He even had personal business cards (the "fun" ones, he called them). Drinks weren’t cheap, but the experience as a whole was positive; clusters of men and women chatting away with easy smiles.

When he stepped aside to check on his friend, I started joking around with Social Concierge's photographer, Matt. Here's an example of what you'll have to deal with: You know the term "resting bitch face? There were maybe one or two guys sitting off by themselves and, yeah, me sitting off by myself for a few moments, but everyone seemed comfortable in the space. I even caught two singles leaning in for an on-the-lips smooch as they parted. By the end of the night, I had also spoken to a neurosurgeon who kept looking around during our banter for his friend, his friend — an (as he exclaimed) “ass doctor” who was about three and 1/2 sheets to the wind and hilarious — and Zach, who works in public relations.

Police were investigating the shooting of a woman on the Country Club Plaza early Thursday that reportedly occurred when a date ended with an argument. in the 600 block of Ward Parkway, according to police.

The woman was taken to the hospital with what was believed to be minor injuries. The man allegedly drove by and shot her through her car door, according to KSHB-TV.

New Yorkers live in a huge city, the hippest club around, surrounded by 8 million other people, but we often times avoid interaction. We never make eye contact with the person walking the opposite way on the sidewalk. The only corsage I found was pinned to Ben Goodman, the marketing and events consultant for Social Concierge, who introduced me to Jackson. Ethically, I had to disclose to Jackson and the others I spoke to that night that I’m a reporter and planned to write about my experience, which kind of took away some of the fun.

"This is my friend, Jackson," Ben said before someone else asked for his attention. I really didn’t want to talk about me and if I participate in the sex and drugs about which I often write.Here's the thing: Plunk me down in the middle of a riot and I’m a cool customer.Catch the gaze of a super handsome man on the second floor?On a first date I once had, the guy compared dating apps to slot machines; the human element is removed, and there is no real indicator of chemistry. We never had a second date, but the analogy was on-the-nose. By the time I arrived, everyone seemed either paired off or already sitting with a co-ed group and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be the interloper. I was fully expecting stereotypical hunting behavior, and I wasn't feeling up for confrontation. “If you don’t belong here, then neither do I,” Kaitlyn, a fellow first-timer, replied with a smile.Social Concierge offers an alternative, a chance to see a person, hear their voice, smell their breath (for better or worse) and let them buy you a drink. They had already gotten comfortable if they were already sitting in a group, I assumed. So instead of approaching a mixed XX-XY group, I put my coat and bag on a couch where a group of friendly-looking 20-something women were gathered, and asked if anyone had been to a mixer before. Her friend Katie explained that she joined for the monthly fee of , submitted her photo, provided her employer’s name (Social Concierge verifies by social media or a phone call to the applicant), but said that she was entry-level — not the rich mover and shaker I thought members had to be.I do the only rational thing one would do when a cute guy is in sight — run away.

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