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Development for the game began in 2001 to make an arcade game that would make players want to come back to play every day.To effectively use the competitive culture that surrounds video arcades, the game was developed so players would raise and compete against other players' idols on a national network.

At the start of every in-game day, text progression pauses when the player is given the option to greet the idol or take a break, which ends that in-game week.

There are multiple responses to choose from, and the player is given a limited amount of time to make a choice; if no choice is made before time runs out, the choice with the worst possible outcome is automatically chosen.

There are three types of auditions: ones limited to idols with an E or F rank, national auditions for idols of any rank, and special auditions that can be taken after satisfying certain conditions.

Once an audition is chosen, the player can view the rank and level of the other idols who are auditioning.

While the game's network was still active up to 2010, the game would match up to five other players from around the country who were auditioning at the same time; if enough players could not be found, non-player characters would fill the necessary spots.

When taking an audition, the player guides the idol to appeal to three judges in vocal, dance and visual image by receiving points in each category.

It was ported to the Xbox 360 on January 25, 2007 with many changes and improvements.

The gameplay and story follows the career of a producer in charge of training prospective pop idols on their way to stardom.

The player is initially able to train a single idol, but this can increase to up to three idols at a time once the player gains enough experience as a producer.

The game depicts the activities of the producer and idol during one day of each in-game week.

The lessons are in the form of five minigames which serve to increase an idol's statistics in either vocal, dance or visual image.

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