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As a chemical market integer and compliant producer, At Vynova, our responsibility as a leading manufacturer of chlor-alkali products and PVC resins extends to embracing ethical obligations towards the global community, as well as advancing the scientific and technical community at large.Vynova therefore actively participates in various professional and trade organisations.Vynova's ability to create value with best-in-class PVC and caustic soda production and distribution begins with being a trustworthy employer to our workforce and rests on our constancy towards social responsibility.

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While Vynova is a young company, we can draw upon decades of experience of our sites operating under the umbrella of major international chemical companies.

This wealth of chemical manufacturing heritage, combined with the vision and support of our shareholder ICIG, has enabled us to establish ourselves as a leading European chlor-vinyls producer.

As a supplier and partner of key chemical manufacturers and plastics converters, we enable the manufacture of essential products for daily life.

Our products contribute towards a sustainable future, both directly and as the basis for innovations by our customers.

We do not take lightly our social responsibilities in an industry where corporate profit should never override the impact our activities have in the community.

We absolutely refuse to engage in or support the use of forced labour or child labour.

We embrace the goals of Responsible Care®, the chemical industry's voluntary initiative to continuously improve in the areas of environmental protection, health and safety.

In addition, we are a member of Vinyl Plus, the European PVC industry’s voluntary commitment programme for sustainable development.

We reliably supply a wide range of chemicals and resins to other chemical manufacturers and plastics converters, offering high-quality products at competitive commercial 2015, we have pursued our social and environmental obligations through innovative and effective steps of corporate responsibility.

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