rules of jehovah witness dating - Dropdownlist selected value not updating

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Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items Hi Armaund, I spent whole week to find a workaround without success. I beleive that List Control and Drop Down List are written by the same scenario in the part of data binding.

After upgrading to the new 2011 version, the above mentioned code doesnt work any more.

dropdownlist selected value not updating-87

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Hi guys, I'm in the process of upgrading the previous Rad Combo Box from 2009 to the newest version and I encountered a weird behaviour with the new Rad Drop Down List.

Peter, do you know how to bind Selected Value, Selected Index and Text properties all at once to a binding object.

But if Selected Index is used instead of Selected Value - then it works ok.

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( note: this also affects Rad Combo Box in the newest version) I did a simple test by binding the controls to a strongly typed datatable, setting the valuemembers and display members and then set the default value to 1 of the items that exist in that table.

- Listed below are code snippets from the old Rad Combo Box (2009) and the new Rad Drop Down List. - The end result of this is that when the combobox is loaded, the default selected value is Australia.

If it's not visble, then it's not 100% correct in acting with data binding on Selected Value. I added the issue in our bug tracking system and it we will address it in one of our upcoming releases.

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