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Grand Prix events are a season starter and a way to establish yourself in the game.

This is especially true if the skater is from a country with a strong figure skating union and has the union’s political support.

In the second half, political support has a bit of a stronger effect on the placements.

In any case, to make everything short, it’s a slightly different ball game when it comes to Euros, 4CC, Worlds and to some extent, the Olympics.

This year, the World Championships take on another level of significance because the placements this season will determine the number of spots each country gets for the Olympics. Life (or my recent part-time job, really) has really taken away a lot of free time and when I decide to check back on the figure skating world, I find this article.

The Grand Prix events have few A-list skaters and so it’s pretty obvious most of the time who are podium contenders are.

Some skaters don’t start out well early in the season and don’t make it into the final but are a force to be reckoned with in the second half.

(Especially during her Bolero LP.) As for Mao, well…

she’s been brave and she’s been trying and I hope to see her in tip-top shape.

Lysacek is assigned to Skate America and the roster is often compiled to give the home favourites an easy win so I’m guessing he may get on the podium at the very least at Skate America just to prove he still “has it” OR he’ll conveniently get an injury and not compete at all Exhibit B: Lysacek won without the quad in Vancouver Sorry, Windmill dude, but the quad is securely back in the men’s arsenal.

As much as I resent Chan’s inflated scores and performances, I will give him credit for helping to put the quad back on the map in men’s programs. In my head (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) the figure skating season (or more precisely, the ISU-sanctioned competitions) is divided into two.

The ultimate cream of the crop of the top GP contenders will likely get higher scores and/or placements while those who are slightly below may find themselves lacking even more points from their PCS.

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