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Serious swingers can have the time of their lives in our club.

Just enter the open rooms for serious attention from anyone in there, but most will not begin until they get the indication that you require their attention.

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Because of my income limitations, I will gladly accept travel and accommodations as payment in exchange for unique work that we can both use commercially. Will I need to arrange my own transportation or accommodations? Right now that's a little over *20k tokens per month* which is about a grand.

I lived on less than $1k a month in 2015, i made less than $12000 that year and wasn't sure I was going to survive it.

If you have a nikon camera body to sell me or any other brand to gift me, I would be eternally grateful.

ZERO sexual contact meetup opportunities [the fact that I have to keep spelling this out is silly, obviously yes if we met and had wicked chemistry I might play, but the chances of that happening are so far about 20-30 in 60k so..as firm a grip on reality as you do on your junk queer porn partners are really all I want at this point.

Coordinating such a thing around my illnesses can be tricky, but worth it. If I'm the only one posting, it's just looks like self-promo, soooooo...a nerd out. If you're the kind of perv that shares your porn with your friends, please do!

COLLABORATORSPhotographers, videographers, MUAs, illustrators, queer broadcasters, I wanna have your art babies! However you choose to support me in this art, please stay within your budget!

Yes, getting naked on the internet is a LESS garbage life. AND a bunch of other pervs benefit, it's wins all around.

buy your tokens from this link to give me a boost FOLLOW METIT pics, fan art, love/hate mail (please no Vogon poetry), job offers, and PP/GC donations If you find ANY photos or videos of me elsewhere, please send a link and/or copy of the file to me at lexpletive gmail so I can share it here.

I'm still here, so let's see what and who I can do...

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