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The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

Many men were complaining that it wasn’t fair and what if a man had been dragging a woman around in this manner?

It got me thinking about dominance between the sexes and in particular, which parts of Western society celebrate when a woman is the one in charge.

I was recently invited to Club Pedestal, described by its founders as "a playground for the dominant woman, and those that worship her".

I was wearing 4 inch heel thigh high boots and I went back into the trampling cage and stood on throats and groins to provoke a reaction.

One shot me a look that said he didn’t appreciate it but as they weren‘t allowed to talk I could not verify this.

There was one man that approached me that looked a lot like Eric Pickles, which made the desire to kick him in the face overwhelming.

I mentioned this and bizarrely, was told that that would be fine. This night was quite good fun but it was in no way sexy to me. I wandered into a room where they had them strapped to railings and posts and many were being whipped.This type of imagery is not one I associate with sexiness but one that makes me think of my ancestors and what they must have gone through.A white lady hands me a whip and tells me to beat the black man standing next to me.I asked him if he was finding it weird for the same reasons that I was and he said that he did.I soon started speaking to a black woman who told me that she was a regular. How could she find it enjoyable to refer to people as slaves and whip them?I try not to think about any of that stuff.” I asked her if anybody comes in that wants to indulge in ‘race play'. He tries to interrupt our conversation and I tell him to be quiet, which I would have done in or out of this club to be fair. Despite the fact that I am often described as an ‘alpha female’ this type of thing has never appealed to me mainly because my battles for equality have taken place in real life settings like working in a male prison, as a female on the comedy circuit or trying to have my voice heard in a world that often silences and erases the experiences of women of colour like me.

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