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--------------------------------------------- Other useful Tools you can use: !

Fast Exit2 Fast Exit is included Unpack the Component DLLs-23208-1Copy the data folder in your Oblivion folder.

The recommendation for disabling those is that many players only sneak because they are involved in some sort of quest or battle or escape while taking those actions.

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This situation is like 1937 in USSR when citizens can be throwed into a prison of even shot to death only because their predecessors were nobles.

I don't know what is wrong with those people....

You can only increase the distance a certain amount before you start getting odd lighting appearing in your VWD objects.

For example, the reason why you want after combat force to be 0 is because the save could be forced after you step just out of the radius of the enemy, but it could come close enough to "restart" the battle session before the save completes, which would be bad.

Doing so will cause problems with VWD objects in the game causing things like that to happen.

;-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------set SLv. After Combat to 0 ; Force a save after each combat ends?

Hola a todos navegando por la red encontre este pack completo de DMRA BBB i me gustaria compartirlo con ustedes yo lo estoy descargando aun no instale espero hacerlo en un rato xd hay un mod que esta fuera de servicio en the nexus i a mi me biene de perlas aqui esta el contenido.

Un archivo Winrar que contiene el melones completado doble, mods del Placer!

Type: Crime Functions(translation: fragment from Oblivion Scripting For Modmakers 1.2 russian edition)Set Cell Public Flag, Syntax: Set Cell Public Flag Cell ID, Flag setpublic Cell ID, Flag Example: Set Cell Public Flag My Cell, 1 The Set Cell Public Flag function sets the "public cell" flag for the cell listed as a parameter (Cell ID) to "1" or "0". Also, no links can be posted as to where to find these mods on this family of sites and doing so risks the ban hammer of ultimate doom coming down from the sky to smite thee.

Type: Crime Functions(translation: fragment from Oblivion Scripting For Modmakers 1.2 russian edition)EDIT by LHammonds (File Admin): This mod relies on a mod that was banned from TESNexus and as such cannot be uploaded here.

And AFAIK, you can't just turn off Streamsmooth during combat, it's all or nothing.

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