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According to the notes that Alex´s grandfather left, there is some prophecy linked to the knife and Bruce starts to think it applies to him.But that means that Bruce has to kill Raz al Ghul, but he made a promise to Alfred to never take someone else’s life.

In the Wayne Manor, Bruce is still obsessed with the knife.

He has been studying the knife for days and hasn’t had a night’s sleep for a couple of nights.

Barbara is becoming pissed because Raz al Ghul promised her great things ever since he bathed her in the Lazarus Pit. He has white hair and his veins show an unhealthy green colour.

Raz al Ghul makes her put her hand on the glass of his cell, he does the same and he transfers something between their hands. He looks disoriented and has no idea who he is or where he is.

Anything to do with Indian Hill never promises anything good.

Back at the GCPD, Gordon is worried that Raz al Ghul won’t get a trial for killing Alex since he is the minister of a foreign country and can apply for immunity.

Gordon shows up and wants to have a private talk with Alfred.

Gordon tells him that Raz al Ghul will most likely be released somewhere that week and that Gordon has no way of stopping that.

Apparently, the knife is intended for the one bathed in the healing waters.

So together with Alfred, Bruce comes up with the idea that this knife is the only thing capable of killing Raz al Ghul.

Hello Gothamites, ready for another dive into the crazy city that is Gotham?

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