Hibernate update not updating

The application will be a simple Contact Manager app which will allow user to add new contacts.The list of contacts will be displayed and user will be able to delete existing contacts. We will have a layered architecture for our demo application.

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The contact manager application will use Maven for build and dependency management.

For this we will use the Maven Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse as the base architecture of our application.

Create following packages under src/main/java folder. Let us start with the coding of Contact manager application. Table; @Entity @Table(name=" CONTACTS") public class Contact The first thing you’ll notice is that the import statements import from javax.persistence rather than a Hibernate or Spring package. The benefit of exception translation is that the service layer only has to deal with exceptions from Spring’s Data Access Exception hierarchy, even when using plain JPA in the DAO classes. This is used to autowire the dependency of the Contact DAOImpl on the Session Factory. Contact; @Service public class Contact Service Impl implements Contact Service to facilitate processing by tools or anticipating any future service-specific capabilities that may be added to this annotation.

First we will create a form object or hibernate POJO class to store contact information. Using Hibernate with Spring, the standard JPA annotations work just as well and that’s what I’m using here. The Service layer of Contact Manager application consist of an interface Contact Service and its corresponding implementation class Contact Service Impl. Let us add Spring MVC support to our web application.

Also this class will be an Entity class and will be linked with CONTACTS table in database. Create following Java files in package net.viralpatel.contact.service; import Service; import org.springframework.transaction.annotation. Update the file and add servlet mapping for org.servlet. Also note that we have mapped url / with spring Servlet so all the request are handled by spring.

Create a java class under net.viralpatel.package and copy following code into it. List; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. The jdbc.properties file contains database connection information such as database url, username, password, driver class.

Annotation Method Handler Adapter.invoke Handler Method(Annotation Method Handler Adapter.java:414) at org.annotation.

Annotation Method Handler Adapter.handle(Annotation Method Handler Adapter.java:402) at org.servlet.

Exception Translation Filter(Exception Translation Filter.java:97) at org.springframework.

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