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In an email Thursday morning, an Army Corps spokesman said the agency turned over copies of the letters to Ikea on Aug. Ikea is contemplating construction of a 366,500-square-foot store and parking on land currently owned by The Plain Dealer Publishing Co. The retailer has put real estate under contract but has not announced a Cleveland-area project.Here are some comments from letters submitted to the Army Corps (posted in their entirety below): "Opening an Ikea store in the city of Brooklyn would bring much needed economic development to Northeast Ohio.While in Swedish prison, Ukbagabir was attacked and injured by fellow prisoners on multiple occasions, requiring hospital care.

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His request, however, happens to go against Swedish humanitarian policy, praised by his own mother.

Notorious "Ikea killer" Abraham Ukbagabir, who is currently imprisoned for the murder of two innocent people in an Ikea store in the Swedish city of Västerås in 2015, became the first convict to voluntarily request a transfer to Eritrea to serve the remainder of his sentence there.

By his own admission, killing two innocent people was likely to amount to death penalty, venturing that Europe apparently was "different" from Eritrea.

The idea that his brother has a room of his own with a TV was "unimaginable" to him, Expressen reported.

The Army Corps has jurisdiction over wetlands under the Clean Water Act.

The agency is considering Ikea's proposal to offset the local wetlands loss, in the Big Creek watershed, by investing in wetlands-conservation areas and efforts elsewhere in Northeast Ohio. After that, the Army Corps will either decide on the permit request or ask for more information.The proposed Ikea is anticipated to draw 2 million visitors annually.""The Brooklyn City Council on July 24, 2015, passed a resolution ...which expressed our support for approval of this application, as it will contributed significantly to the local economy of Brooklyn as well as the regional economy of Northeast Ohio""Although small relative to the 38-square-mile Big Creek watershed, the 15.50 acre wetlands represent some of the last remaining natural features to protect water quality and reduce flooding in the watershed. But proponents are pitting themselves against water-quality interests, ranging from local nonprofits to the U. The Army Corps solicited public comments in July and early August, in response to Ikea's request to build a store that will wipe out 15.5 acres of wetlands northeast of The Plain Dealer's printing plant. Army Corps of Engineers show broad political and corporate support for Swedish furniture giant Ikea's plans to build a store on land off Tiedeman Road. Ikea provided a 43-page stack of letters to The Plain Dealer late Wednesday, in response to a story about environmental push-back against the retailer's proposed project in Brooklyn.As such, NEORSD recommends developing mitigation sites within the Big Creek watershed so that the functions and services provided by this wetland will not be removed from the watershed.

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