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On the other hand, if a person (such as, for example, a founder of a charity) does not have an official title on a board but still attends meetings, votes on decisions and guides the direction of the charity, this person may be considered a responsible person.

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You may be used to terms like ‘company secretary’ or ‘public officer’ under other legislation.

People may hold these roles in your charity but not be responsible persons.

The responsible people may be the members of the governing body or those acting in the role of directing or guiding the strategic direction of the charity (rather than day-to-day management).

These people will be responsible for ensuring that it is solvent and well run, and delivering the charitable outcomes.

You need to notify the ACNC of any changes to your responsible persons by logging in to the portal.

There are four pillars of SEO content: expertise, authority, trust (E-A-T) and maintenance.Include both office bearers and ordinary board members.ONLY the responsible person’s name and position will appear on the ACNC Register.The ACNC requires charities to meet governance standards.Under governance standard 4 charities must make sure its responsible persons are suitable, and under governance standard 5 they must ensure their responsible persons are aware of their duties and comply with them.The role of a ‘responsible person’ is an important one for registered charities.

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