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Firstly, in much of the continent it is not legal to have an abortion unless it is to save the life of the mother.

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” Even with ELIZA’s rudimentary abilities, Weizenbaum was surprised to see his subjects grow attached to her; his own secretary asked to be left alone with the bot in order to have a private conversation.

” Few teenagers would ask mom or dad these questions—even though their life could quite literally depend on it. To a patient saying “I’m depressed,” she would reply “Why do you think you’re depressed?

This is a great idea to enable people of all ages, especially youngsters, access information that could be life changing.

As well as offering advice regarding contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases, Sophie also deals with sensitive topics such as rape.

Mentors make quarterly visits to clinics to maintain regular contact and make sure practitioners use up to date methods.

This should improve the level of care provided and make the lives of many women much easier after going through the difficult and sometimes traumatic period after an abortion.Pathfinder is an app, developed in Tanzania, that focusses on exactly this issue.The app is a 23 point check list to enable doctors and nurses to improve post abortion care.The intent was for "Tay" to develop the ability to sustain conversations with humans on social networks just as a regular person could, and learn from the experience. Unfortunately, Microsoft neglected to account for the fact that one of the favorite pastimes on the internet is ruining other people's plans with horrific consequences.Miscreants were able to find a debugging command phrase – "repeat after me" – that can be used to teach the bot new responses.Many of you may remember the under cover documentary of Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the incredible Ghanaian journalist, who uncovered some appalling and disgusting abortion practices at a back street clinic.

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