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According to The Almanac of American Politics, she "championed victims’ rights and health care reform." After two terms in the House, Fallin decided to run for Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma.

Ultimately she ran in three elections that year, all of which were against other women, and raised about 0,000.

Then they go getting all crazy in the comments and don’t actually read anything.

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Rachel Ray, Survivor, you name it and they’ve got one. We’ll poke fun and we’ll expose just how fucking stupid all her sheeple followers are. I see you haven’t gotten today’s post review up but you must take a look at the most recent “Confessions” entry.

children, etc) events from her beginnings to what she is now. No, this blog doesn’t have any childish characteristics at all, strictly adult behavior here. Byeeee I actually laughed because I’m continually amazed at how they just land on the site, glance around, see the work “fuck” or something and freak out.

She served two terms in the Oklahoma House, representing a district in Oklahoma City, from 1990 to 1995.

In 1994, Fallin was elected to serve as the 14th Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma; being elected to a total of three terms, she served under two different governors from 1995 to 2007.

Who am I to question anything about the sweetest little down home rancher’s wife that ever graced this earth? Well let me tell you, I followed Ree Drummond’s lil blog for a couple years but it sure didn’t take me long before I realized something – she’s full of shit. Sounds to me like it took you two years to realize that. it would be cool to see a timeline chronicling (with illustrations of chaps & asses & dogs & kithenaid mixers & flowy tops & e.t. And thanks for clarifying that this is an “honest-to-goodness blog,” It’s hard to tell sometimes with all the profanity directed towards that huuuuge phony Ree.

You say you followed Ree Drummond’s blog for a couple of years but it didn’t take you long to realize she’s full of shit? It didn’t take me long to realize she’s full of shit but I didn’t say I didn’t still go look at her blog, hell I still look at it today, it amuses me and provides me with great fodder. back then, it was a basic housewife-looking-for-something-to-do-while-being -a-housewife kind of entity. i would be interested in somehow tracking how, when & why her little typepad blog exploded. Whoa u should totally get the Mac Arthur grant or something for exposing the uncoolness of the P Woman. Skip on back to your middle school, child, and text your friends that you posted something “ironic” on a real, honest-to-goodness internet blog. Oops I’m actually not mystified by the concept of grammar- I wasn’t homeschooled like those freaks of Ree’s! yes, I live here), Ree’s crew was out BURNING land. So you knew that sooner or later PW would get one too. While the entire Northeastern part of Oklahoma has been under a BURN BAN (!!!They were both members of the Democratic Party of Oklahoma. That year she switched to the Republican Party of Oklahoma and became active with the Young Republicans.She graduated from Tecumseh High School and attended Oklahoma Baptist University, in Shawnee.Fallin holds a bachelor of science degree in human and environmental sciences, and family relations and child development from Oklahoma State University (1977).

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