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Equally he pays 15% for his first child and a further 5% for his second child.

We are all one family regardless of who is the bio parent and to suggest either of us should not treat our non bio children in the same way is frankly disgusting.

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If you do, then he will be entitled to knock off a percentage for a child living under the same roof as him. I know that sounds mercinary but i want to get the most money that i legally can for my son, obviously.

No point if he's going to get a percentage knocked off for living with someone else's daughter.

My ex has never decreased my maintenance, I said to him, it wasn't our sons fault, your a liar or a cheat x The CSA give a protection % of the income of the non resident parent.

My husband has two children from his ex wife and I have a child from my ex husband. He had 15% protected when we just had my son and it went up to 20% when our son was born.

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office arrested a suspect who brought his dog to a motel room as payment for sex with a minor.

According to YCSO, the suspect was arrested in a human trafficking sting aimed at targeting buyers who are seeking child prostitutes.[RELATED: Phoenix officials raise awareness about human trafficking with new PSA]YCSO said in a statement that the victims of human trafficking are often teenage girls who are forced to engage in repeated sexual assaults.YCSO said this sting targeted buyers in an effort to eliminate the demand for child prostitutes.That is utter madness Thanks for the info anyway x That is true, and too make things even crazier, her ex will still pay full child support for his child!When your ex's older children have left education, go to the CSA...His new girlfriend that he left me for, has her own 10 year old daughter, to her ex husband.

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