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There are negatives views of aligning research result from universities to industries however research also show that the benefits come from this activities.Industries depend on universities in many cases and universities generate earning by commercialization of their research.A researcher from a university received a huge amount of money to conduct the research on the impact of smoking from a company, which produce cigarette.

However, only 17.9 percents of cooperative R&D projects regarding that it is the significant contribution to both party.

Moreover, Washburn (2005) implies that commercialization of research outcome from universities brought some negatives respond from inside universities and society.

Furthermore, science and technology are the major part in innovation.

Most of developing countries equip with limited budget to support their research and development so they are lack of knowledge in science and technology.

Therefore developing countries has to accommodate the new way to catch up and meet economic welfare with competitive advantage.

The three stream of universities has come to operate in Indonesia.OECD research (2001) shows that innovation is a key driver to achieve economic welfare.OECD countries engage their mutual need by innovation.Every nation develops its own competitive strategy but they have good connection.Developing countries should keep up with this speed if they do not to left behind.Industries demand especially in technological consultancy (Salter & Martin 2001).

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