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The process of translation included recommended methodology, mandating forward translation, backward translation, reconciliation and pretesting steps, was followed.Tool validation included assessing content accuracy and clarity.The aim of a linguistic validation process is to obtain a translation of an original instrument in a target language that is both conceptually equivalent to the original and easily understood by the people to whom the translated questionnaire is administered.

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Therefore, all translated questionnaires should be subjected to further psychometric property evaluation.

A questionnaire translation process should focus in achieving the conceptual equivalence instead of achieving linguistic equivalence.

Aim: The aim of this study was to culturally adapt, including translation and preliminary validation of the questionnaire for the cancer patients.

Materials and Methods: A custom-made, validated version of the English self-administered questionnaire consisting of 30 items was translated into Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages.

Following the translation, the validity of the translated questionnaire will need to be investigated again.

Content equivalence ensures that all questions asked have salience in the local context and culture.

Translation and validation of the questionnaire on current status of physiotherapy practice in the cancer rehabilitation.

J Can Res Ther 2015;-36How to cite this URL: Karthikeyan G, Manoor U, Supe SS.

This is due to the fact that validity is content specific and it cannot be translated in a literal manner.

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