The importance of updating group rosters sasori dating quizzes

At least this is what works with inventory items if you hook the inventory's list setup function.

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- Promoting a Player to Group Leader: if the current group leader has you set as a secondary leader, you can use this to promote someone to be group leader.

If there's anything you'd like to add, simply put a comment here or feel free to PM me in game at '@aldericon'.2.1 - FEATURE: Added option for account wide settings.

Not: Turning this on will wipe your settings, but only once.

2.0 - Updated API Version for Dragon Bones (Update 17) - FEATURE: Added ability for secondary leader to promote another leader to crown.

1.13 - BUG: Updated how long players have been in raid before exporting raid attendance (was previously only when viewing export) - BUG: Updated to clear out saved variables before exporting raid attendance (otherwise if your current raid is smaller then past raid, they'll include some information from past raid) - FEATURE: Updated code to save raid attendance every 5 minutes, in cases where leader crashes throughout the raid.

Option to manually import when coming back into the game.

These include: - option to switch out the character for account name, or have them side-by-side instead - switch out champion point lvl for PVP rank (with icon) - color-code player roles - mark yourself on the roster with a STAR - Replace people's names with your own nicknames -- If you are displaying account and character names side-by-side, the nickname is still just replaced in the first column - color-code those that are in the same zone as you - ability to hide those roster roles that that player isn't using - ability to add notes to each player in the group roster, like the guild roster - ability to watch for when group members are away -- listens for your own list of away messages in group chat and uses the guild roster away icon to set the person as away -- next chat message after being set to away returns them to normal -- their away message is added with the tooltip when mousing over the away icon -- the time they went away is also recorded in the tooltip - Raid Attendance on how long a character participates in Raid -- The idea is that a leader will start the raid, and as each character joins and leaves, the addon adds up their total time spent in group.

Then at the end of the raid, you can follow the following instructions (also found in the addon's settings in-game) to get the data and put it in whatever format you need.

So this should update each row, even with groups bigger 20 (that fit on one screen without scrolling), if you scroll down/up.

At least this is what works with inventory items if you hook the inventory's list setup function. I've been playing around this very idea in the code, but haven't actually been able to test to verify that the code works.

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