Updating bsd 7

Note: There was a silent update to build on which fixed a couple of bugs with the initial 30 Sep release. The main changes between v2.5.0.715 and v2.5.1.723 are the plethora of monetization-related, stability and other general fixes....

updating bsd 7-15

in all statistics for getting the current DJ of the connected source (more formal specification than fiddling the IRC / AIM / ICQ values as used with 1.x DNAS setups) Added 'dj' parameter to the 'updinfo' action to allow for scripted updating of the 'DJ' reported for a stream (useful for legacy source software) I tested another time with pieces from a previous archive with this new one and i found the problem, the problem is in sc_serv, only developers of the script can edit that.

I use the version SHOUTcast Server v2.4.7.256/posix(linux x86) and works great only the flash player don't work.

Recommended action: Remove this software immediately. Items: containerfile: C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\Files Stash\AF7995D0-A2D9-F81E-8D9C-75ADF56FA2E3_1d2249a52ffee3d file: C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\Files Stash\AF7995D0-A2D9-F81E-8D9C-75ADF56FA2E3_1d2249a52ffee3d-(MPLC) file: C:\Users\Hunter\Downloads\sc_serv2_win64webfile: C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\Files Stash\AF7995D0-A2D9-F81E-8D9C-75ADF56FA2E3_1d2249a52ffee3d| C:\Users\x\Downloads\sc_serv2_win64-latest.exe| found out why we had these buffer issues. When we brought the backup stream online or when we commented out the command from the config all problems we're gone all of a sudden.

Hello, I found a problem with this version same error every time i installed for ten times and the same "[YP] Request [https://yp.shoutcast.com/yp2] failed, code: 1 [Protocol "https" not supported or disabled in libcurl]" I Installed an older version and its working, but with this version is not working, i setup the Authhash and all but is not working.

Posts relating to authhash management issues will be ignored as this is not the thread for posting such issues. However, where sensitive information is concerned, we recommend that use the support/help system instead, either via [email protected] the forms at: | The following are known issues or known changes which may have an impact when using the current 2.x DNAS release: Refer to: DNAS v2.4.7 Known Issues ______________________________________________________________________________________ A big thank you to Dr O for all his hard work and contributions with this release (up to v2.5.0) and over the years!

Discussion about previous versions of the server including changelogs can be found in the following threads Category: Trojan Description: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

This build is our new update and introduces new features as listed in the “Changes” section below, as well as addresses bugs reported in the previous build.

It is recommended to update to this build as soon as possible over any previous DNAS builds being used due to the stability, security and other compatibility improvements it provides.

After 30s the connection drops and the tiny bit in the buffer is played.

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