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Population Data state Population ----------------------------------------------- Texas 20,851,820 Georgia 8,186,453 Washington 5,894,121 Arizona 5,130,632 Alabama 4,447,100 Oklahoma 3,450,654 Connecticut 3,405,565 Iowa 2,926,324 West Virginia 1,808,344 Idaho 1,293,953 Maine 1,274,923 New Hampshire 1,235,786 North Dakota 642,200 Alaska 626,932 proc sql; title 'UNITEDSTATES'; update sql.unitedstates as u set population=(select population from sql.newpop as n where where in (select state from sql.newpop); select Name format=., Capital format=., Population, Area, Continent format=., Statehood format=date9. UNITEDSTATES table, the in-line view in the SET clause returns a single value. NEWPOP, this value is the value of the Population column from SQL. For rows that do not have a corresponding row in SQL. In both cases, the returned value is assigned to the Population column.

Without the WHERE clause, rows that do not have a corresponding row in SQL.

The calculated column can be used in Pivot Table or Pivot Chart as you would any other data column.

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For example, a table with a million rows will always have a calculated column with a million results, and a corresponding effect on performance.

However, a Pivot Table generally filters data by applying row and column headings; therefore, the measure is calculated only for the subset of data in each cell of the Pivot Table.

To add a calculated column, you must have already added at least one table in your Power Pivot workbook.

This example demonstrates the use of Auto Complete to build a simple formula for use in a new calculated column.

The second parameter specifies the number of months before or after the month in Start Date; in this case, 0 means the same month.

For example, if the value in the Start Date column is 6/1/2001, the value in the calculated column will be 6/30/2001.When I try to update only the missing data the non-matched data is also updated but to NULL. The reason some of your rows are getting NULLs updated is due to the subquery.When the subquery fails to find a matching row in tbl B, the subquery returns NULL.The results are calculated for the column as soon as you create the formula.Column values are then recalculated as necessary, such as when the underlying data is refreshed.If this happens, the UPDATE will terminate with an error ("subquery may return only one row").

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