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But I’m also talking about the good stuff (IN MODERATION!!

I’m talking about normal foods that families eat for lunch and dinner.

The staples – bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and all the rest.

Even if you can get past the ridicule or at least the fear of it, you’re going to encounter other problems like injury and lack of motivation.

By all means aim to get fit and put on a little muscle, but don’t feel compelled to try to make two major changes to your lifestyle at the same time.

For a long time I suspected that it was possible to lose weight eating a normal balanced(ish) diet.

I called it the sub-optimal diet because it involves eating things that traditional diet wisdom says you shouldn’t eat.

I’m on duty all day long and I haven’t time to do any of the nonsense that many other diets require.

Nor do I want to pay the ridiculous price tags for the pills, potions and superfoods currently being touted as the answer to everyone’s problems.

The sorts of things an army officer, like the General, might get served up in the mess tent.

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