What does aa mean in dating

Well, if you surround yourself with african americans like that then those are the ones who will approach you.

No one is forcing you to talk to these men so ignore them and keep it moving.

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why are AA men so aggressive and rude when you turn them down? The letter, which was signed by 25 Somali leaders, also called Raymond an "ill-informed leader who is bent toward bigotry."In his three-page letter last week, Raymond wrote that the city of 36,000 has absorbed more than 1,000 Somalis in 18 months, and cannot absorb more newcomers "without negative results for all.""Our city is maxed-out financially, physically and emotionally," he wrote.

City officials estimate that about half of the 412 Somali adults living in Lewiston have found work, but some are receiving public assistance.

A lot of men in general are rude when they get turned down because it's hurtful when people reject you.

Trust me African American men are not the only ones who act out when they get rejected or ignored by someone they approach, at least from my experience.

Seems to me she just wants to rant and rave to people who really don't sympathize with the way she puts down our race.

I think she would be far happier posting on one of the "for whites forum" or maybe a forum for college students, where her crys of "oh poor me" would get the acknowledgement they truly deserve.

For example, I'm standing by the bus stop waiting to go to class. I knew they would start chatting me up, so I pretended to be speaking on my cell phone. Both had their pants so low, I thought they would fall the way they were walking. They start speaking in that broken ebonic English type calling me "ma", "shorty" and other words I don't understand.

One of them asked me if I could give him his number. At which point, they start getting aggressive and calling me a ho. God, my father is starting to get worried too because he doesn't trust these young AA men.

If you dont like them then like I said keep it moving and look for someone who you genuinely like. I try to stay away from AA men all together because most of the ones I meet are very bad.

Did you seriously need to come on a forum to say this? The problem is, they keep approaching me even though I am not interested. More than half of Lewiston Maines budget is expected to go to Somalis LEWISTON, Maine - Somali community leaders lashed out at the mayor yesterday for asking them to discourage friends and family from moving to Lewiston, calling his message "inflammatory and disturbing."The Somalis said Mayor Larry Raymond's three-page letter, which came after several clashes between blacks and whites in the community, will increase tensions and called on cops to guarantee the safety of Somalis.

And if she is meeting these so-called low lifes in her off-school hours then maybe she needs to look at her own fake agenda and see what it is that brings her to these places where such people hang out.

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