Who is blake griffin dating now

Whatever the case, Kendall would be the undisputed queen of Kardashian-Jenner relationships if this rumor is accurate.Sure Kanye is more famous, but he has a tendency to, well ... Kylie's wasting her time with Z-list rappers, while Kourtney's with some young boy toy no one ever heard of before he started hooking up with her.According to Hollywood Life, Kendall and Blake Griffin were spotted canoodling, "getting cozy" and engaging in other public indicators that they plan to have sex later during a recent party at Avenue Nightclub in Los Angeles. For one thing, as far as anyone knows, Kendall is still dating A$AP Rocky.

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TMZ has been tracking Griffin and Jenner for several days now, and the two have been spotted in public together at least three times. She takes her career very seriously and that’s her number one priority right now.” For what it’s worth, fellow NBA star Chandler Parsons was with Griffin one of the times he went out with Jenner on what seemed to be a double date.

According to a gossip report from People, Jenner and Griffin are dating but things have not gotten serious. There was speculation in the past that Parsons was dating Jenner, though he and Griffin are not the only NBA players she has been linked to.

Prior to her relationship with the sportsman, Kendall was linked to rapper ASAP Rocky, 29.

Blake parted ways with his fiancee Brynn Cameron in July, and the couple raise two children together; son Ford, four, and daughter Finley, 14 months.

When it comes to dating, the women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan prefer their men rich, famous, athletic, and super tall - in that order.

The second two are negotiable, which explains Kanye and Scott Disick.

“She’s seeing Blake romantically,” a source told People. Griffin plays for the Clippers and the Kardashian-Jenner clan is married to L.

She enjoyed a hugely successful 2017 after knocking catwalk queen Gisele off the top spot on the world's highest-paid supermodels list for the first time.

Khloe's dating an NBA player, but let's be real ... Yes, Kendall is the only Kardashian who's worked to build a real, legit career for herself outside of reality TV and social media stardom. All we can say to that is that you know her family is aware of it, so ...

let the Machiavellian efforts to take her down from the inside begin!

If you asked them, Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner would likely insist they are just friends. “Work will soon take over her life again, so who knows what will happen will Blake then.

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