who is sharapova dating 2016 - Women dating from eastern europe

Estonian girls are plain fun because they love to drink.

They also like talking in English and can hold their own in a conversation with an experienced man.

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If the whole point of your trip is to go for “hotties,” then the Baltics are a better bet.

But if you just want a cute-girl-next-door type of deal, then Poland.

The only place I actually enjoyed going out in was Estonia.

Lithuanian clubs were too cheesy for me and Latvia was scam-artist central.

We specialize in bringing together singles who want to date different races.

A lot of people ask me which Baltic country is best for a visit.

My guess is that you have about one or two years until the place turns to total shit and it’s not even worth a weekend visit.

It’s not quite poosy paradise, as my Danish friends below can explain, but I had a pleasant time.

It is common to see girls with hair going down to their pancake asses and sometimes passed that.

It doesn’t make sense why hair would be boner inducing, but it is.

In Lithuania I got a couple but the quality was a bit lower, so it’s hard to say which is “easier.” I think if you’re prepared to go on two dates, both Estonia and Lithuania will be similar, with Lithuania a slight edge if your standards aren’t too high.

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